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Meet Mabinti

Mabinti Shabu is a Healing Artist based in Durham, North Carolina.

Born in The Republic Of Guinea West Africa to expat parents Omar and Maisha Shabu, Mabinti’s exposure to African music, dance, and various art forms began in utero during Les Ballets Africain dance classes and performances that her mother participated in and experienced. Later, Mabinti’s family moved to Liberia, West Africa, where her artistic growth continued to flourish.

Mabinti entered this world having no choice but to immediately dive into her very own expressions of the embracive arts she was surrounded by. Growing up, Mabinti began her artistic performance life at age 5, singing on stage in Liberia in front of a huge audience. Artistic discipline became part of daily life as Mabinti’s parents encouraged and ensured that she hone and sharpen her skills with whichever instrument she picked up or area she chose to explore. Later on in her youth, Mabinti and her siblings became “Ngoma Sasa,” the backing band for their mother, Maisha.

Known by many in the RDU Artistic Community, as Mabinti has been playing music, dancing, and creating all of her life. Touring and performing with bands and dance companies in New York City, Florida, and abroad. Mabinti has dedicated many years of her life to a work some call healing artistry. The culmination of Mabinti’s healing work is entitled, ALIGN. ALIGN is an African dance-based healing system that helps us transform trauma and stress into healing energy in the body.

Mabinti is currently recording a new album which will soon be available for listening and healing.

ALIGN Yourself